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News Updates

30 July 2020

Mars HomeBase Organization  has presented abstract for the 23rd annual International Mars Society Convention to be held on October 15to 18 2020.  Read more here.

30 July 2020

Mars HomeBase is an organization dedicated to develop all possible technology for human settlement on Mars. We are a not for profit ( non profit) organization and we are willing to work with any like minded individuals, institutions or business organizations who share our vision and endeavor. All technology developed by Mars Homebase are Open license or patent less ( open patent) format aimed at the benefit of mankind.

Mars Homebase, though working on Space technology, Planetary exploration, Life support system, communication engineering, software development, tool development etc, –  We are not working on rocket engines or Space ships. Our thinking is that StarsShip from SpaceX or similar rocket from Blue Origin or others can be used as carrier transport.

What we are doing are every little to big things to survive and thrive on Mars once we get there.

Our mission statement says it all in brief. Mars by 2030! As of now all indications based on development pace and current market situation in space industry, SpaceX is well placed to hit the planned target of 2022 to 2024 for commercial deployment of Starship rocket. We consider SpaceX as a disruptive force which has brought rapid change and altered the arena in rocket industry. Imagining world without SpaceX would mean, same old Proton, Soyuz, Arian 5, Delta and Atlas rockets and higher costs. Elon Musk has stated that reused cost of Spacex StarShip would be as low as two million US dollars. Numbers like these were not even imaginable earlier but now with reusability model, these figures are now possible. As the problem of getting to Mars more or less solved by SpaceX or Blue Origin on competitive commercial terms, all attention now shifts to technology needed for survivability and exploration of Mars. This is the area of work Mars Homebase is focused on to achieve a cost effective solution for every day needs on Mars!


This Web Portal is about Mars Home-Base Organization,(MB) involved in development of technology based on COTS methodology and Collaborative Engineering to achieve the goal of sustainable and habitable human settlement on Mars. Images of Mars used on this site are actual pictures taken by Mars Rover Insight and Opportunity. Credit NASA JPL USA.


Mars HomeBase organization is managed by Legal Entity by name Mars HomeBase organization Trust/Foundation registered at Bangalore, Karnataka.