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Do you like what we are doing!  If so, you have the opportunity to become a partner, motivator, or even a mentor in our pursuit of humanity’s greatest dream: human settlement  on Mars!. Establishing a Mars colony is a monumental task that requires the collective efforts of not just one nation or company but all space-faring nations, private enterprises, universities, educational institutions, and individuals alike.

Mars Home-Base serves as a crucial channel, providing a common platform that brings together like-minded individuals and institutions to work in a unified and results-driven manner. By taking on the roles of platform provider and project manager, we ensure efficient collaboration, avoid duplication of work, and maintain seamless program coordination. Moreover, Mars Homebase oversees the financial aspect of these projects, ensuring resources are well-managed.

In this ambitious endeavor, every contribution matters, regardless of its size. We value and appreciate the support of every donor, from every part of the world. Whether you can contribute a dollar or a rupee, it all counts and brings us one step closer to achieving our collective dream.

Our Bank details are as follows.

  • Name of the Bank: Bandhan Bank
  • Account Name: MHBO FOUNDATION
  • Account number: 1022 000 4251 321
  • Branch: Chandra Layout, Bangalore, India.
  • IFSC Code: BDBL 000 1751


Direct contributions can be made safely here on RazorPay link

Razor pay

All your financial transactions are 100% secure.

You can also fund us by following button!

Tax Exemption on Fund Contribution

Tax exemption on fund contribution to Mars Home-Base Organization.

Mars HomeBase organization, in alignment with our principles, does not issue tax exemption certificates to donors. We intentionally refrain from allowing donors to claim income tax exemption on their contributions to the MHBO Foundation. This decision is driven by our commitment to not associate space technology development with any perception of neglecting poverty issues in the country. Although society benefits indirectly from space technology advancements, there remains a prevailing notion that space exploration is a mere fantasy and an added burden for a developing nation. To uphold transparency and accountability, we choose not to pursue tax exemption for our activities. We sincerely hope that our donors will understand and respect our stance.

        As a responsible organization, all financial operations of Mars HomeBase strictly adhere to Indian rules and regulations. Certified chartered accountants and auditors conduct thorough audits to ensure compliance and maintain the highest standards of financial integrity in our operations within India.

Important Notice Regarding Funds Transfer or Direct Contributions

We want to emphasize that Mars HomeBase operates with a single bank account only; we do not maintain multiple bank accounts. To ensure accurate transactions, we kindly request all donors to double-check the account number and account name before transferring funds.

Please be aware that we do not engage in any advertising or solicitation for funds on other websites or channels. If you come across any such requests claiming to be on our behalf, kindly disregard them.

We explicitly state that we have not authorized anyone to collect funds on our behalf.  have only one bank account number. We do not have multiple bank accounts.. Please double check account number and account name while transferring funds.

  • We do not advertise on other websites or channels asking for funds.
  • We do not authorize any one to collect funds on our behalf.
  • All contributions should be made directly to our official account via methods such as Cheque, online electronic transfers (Wire transfer, RTGS/NEFT), Google Pay, UPI transfers, and credit/debit card payments using the provided account details. 

Contribution through Sponsorship

If your organization or institution is interested in supporting our projects or activities at Mars HomeBase, we welcome your sponsorship. We are open to discussing the advertising details and how your sponsorship can be utilized in your own marketing initiatives, tailored to meet your specific requirements and objectives.

By sponsoring a project or activity, you not only contribute to the advancement of space exploration but also have the opportunity to showcase your brand and message in alignment with our mission. We understand the importance of a mutually beneficial partnership and will work closely with you to ensure that the sponsorship is utilized effectively to meet your marketing goals.

Let’s collaborate and create a meaningful impact on the journey to Mars. Reach out to us, and together, we can explore the possibilities of a fruitful sponsorship arrangement that benefits both your organization and the Mars HomeBase initiative.

Contribution through Equipment

If your institution or organization have spare hardware available for us to use in our experiments, we are more than happy to take them. Please communicate with us if you are willing to contribute equipment to us.

Contribution through development work in engineering solutions

People with Science or Engineering background and  willing to work and develop solutions either working remotely or on site at our facilities or our partner facilities can opt for this program 

You can explore our part time development program where you can work from home. Area of expertise needed are software development, software maintenance, remote CAD design work. PCB design, mechanical engineering, civil, construction engineering, biology, minerology or any expertise in science, engineering and technology. 

Please contact us for more details. email us on [email protected]

Contribution through Volunteer program

Our doors are open to individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their science and engineering background. If you have a passion for promoting the development of Science and Technology for Mars exploration, you can actively contribute and help raise awareness about the opportunities and significance of our activities.

There are several ways you can get involved:

  • Spread the Message: Help us reach a wider audience by spreading the word about our mission and initiatives.
  • Fundraising: Play a crucial role in supporting our endeavors by assisting in raising funds for our projects.
  • Education and Training Programs: Participate in and support educational and training programs focused on Mars exploration and technology.

 Reach out to us for more details and explore the possibilities of joining our team. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter future in space exploration. Contact us to be a part of this extraordinary journey!