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SOL One - A day on Mars

Mars Education Centre(MEC - SOL ONE)

The Mars Education Centre, known as SOL-ONE, is an innovative OutReach center designed to cater to students, engineers, and the general public. Developed in collaboration with Mars researchers from the United States and Europe (Mars Society and other organizations), SOL-ONE carries a profound underlying significance: “A day on Mars.” This facility aims to provide a unique and immersive educational experience that brings the wonders of Mars closer to our world. By fostering curiosity, scientific exploration, and cross-cultural learning, SOL-ONE seeks to inspire the next generation of visionaries who will shape the future of space exploration. Whether you’re a student seeking to delve into the mysteries of the Red Planet or an enthusiast eager to expand your knowledge, SOL-ONE offers a dynamic platform where imagination and knowledge converge, opening up new horizons of understanding about our neighboring planet and beyond.

 Here are some features and focus areas of the Mars Education Centre:

Mars Science and Exploration: The center would provide comprehensive information on Mars, its geology, climate, history, and the latest discoveries made by robotic missions or future manned missions.

STEM Education: The center would emphasize science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, encouraging young minds to pursue careers in space-related fields.

Interactive Exhibits: The facility feature interactive exhibits, simulators, and virtual reality experiences to give visitors a taste of what it’s like to explore Mars and the challenges involved.

Workshops and Programs: The Mars Education Centre hosts workshops, seminars, and educational programs for school groups, teachers, and enthusiasts to learn about space exploration and relevant scientific concepts.

Research and Innovation: It serves as a platform for researchers and scientists to collaborate on Mars-related projects and explore potential technological advancements needed for future missions.

Astronomical Observations: The center could include telescopes and observation facilities to allow visitors to observe Mars and other celestial objects.

Robotics and Space Technology: The Mars Education Centre will focus on robotics and space technology, highlighting the critical role they play in exploring Mars.

Sustainable Living: Given the challenges of living on Mars, the center will emphasize the importance of sustainable living practices and how they can be applied on both Earth and Mars.


Mars Education Centre is planned to be built on the outskirts of Bangalore on a ten acre plot near Ramanagara.  Total land reserved for this project is around 25 acres. Following is the list major areas of emphasis

  • Surface area/ Soil which recreates/resembles Planet Mars
  • Space Exploration themes
  • Science & technology demonstrators
  • Activity themes on Mars exploration
  • Training classes
  • Space Camp
  • Mars Camp
  • Space  technology attractions
  • Indoor and out door displays of rockets, engines, spacecrafts used for Mars journey.
  • Working models of rocket engine, subscale  in size
  • Gravity simulators, 1/3rd gravity- Mars gravity, 1/6th gravity -Moon gravity
  • Rover technology demonstrators
  • Seminar halls, Cinema theatre for projection of Space technology movies.
  • i-MARS, Mars Analog habitat displays

Martian User Technology Development

For humanity to successfully colonize Mars, the imperative lies in the comprehensive development of essential tools and technologies required to ensure survival. On Earth, we often take life support systems for granted, like  biological ecosystems, sustenance, shelter, magnetic fields, UV protection, and more. Conversely, on Mars, every facet of life and habitation necessitates meticulous creation, continual maintenance, and relentless enhancement.

Sunset at Gusev Crater: The Sun sinks below the horizon in this stunning panoramic view captured by NASA's Spirit Mars rover in 2005. NASA/JPL/Texas A&M/Cornell |


Experience a day on Mars, where the crimson horizon and otherworldly terrain greet your senses. As the sun rises, its weaker warmth filters through the thin atmosphere, casting an ethereal glow upon the rust-colored landscape. Donning your pressurized suit, you step outside the habitat, your every movement in the lower gravity a dance of elegance and lightness.

Exploring the Mars topography, you come across towering rust-hued cliffs and vast stretches of sand dunes sculpted by winds that whisper their secrets across the barren plains. The sky above, while a similar blue to Earth’s, is tinged with a reddish hue, a reminder of the distinctness of this distant world.

The Martian air, thin and devoid of oxygen, leaves you reliant on the life-sustaining systems within your suit. Yet, as you peer through your helmet’s visor, you can’t help but feel a connection to the intrepid explorers who came before you and to the countless mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

Noontime approaches, and you pause to rest beneath the protective shadow of a large rock, shielding yourself from the intensity of the sun’s unfiltered radiation. You take a moment to savor a carefully packaged meal, a taste of Earth amidst the Martian solitude.

As the day progresses, you witness the planet’s dual moons, Phobos and Deimos, gracefully traverse the sky, a celestial ballet against the backdrop of the distant stars. The sun begins to sink, casting elongated shadows across the landscape and painting the Martian surface with deeper shades of red and orange.

With the approach of evening, you return to the habitat, grateful for its life-sustaining embrace. Inside, you remove your suit, feeling the weight of the Martian dust that clings to your boots, a tangible reminder of your extraordinary day on this otherworldly frontier. As you drift off to sleep, you can’t help but dream of the endless possibilities that the exploration and potential colonization of Mars hold for humanity’s future.

That’s  the experience what we hope to achieve!

At the MEC SOL ONE Centre, our aspirations align with the vision you’ve just experienced, although we acknowledge that achieving such a seamless Mars-like environment may require us to temper our expectations slightly, particularly when it comes to the intricacies of life support systems. Nonetheless, our commitment remains unwavering as we strive to recreate an environment that imparts a truly authentic and immersive experience. While challenges may arise, we are dedicated to meticulously crafting every facet to provide visitors with a realistic glimpse into the world of Mars colonization.

First in Asia

This will be first such facility in ASIA, probably in the world for exclusive Mars based facility.
Public Private partnership implies exciting developments ahead!

@ Bangalore

We are working with Government of Karnataka for land grant at Bangalore. Our plan calls for 25 acres of land with 10 acres for MEC- SOL ONE project alone!

Expected Cost

AROUND 100 CRORE Rupees, including land and construction. Planned location is n Bangalore, on Ramanagara Bidadi area.

Let’s work together!

Before the entry of Elon Musk and SpaceX, all that a Space enthusiast  could do was watch TV and listen to government owned Space agency doing some research. Those days are gone.

Those bygone days have given way to a new era where individuals are invited to step up to the challenge and actively contribute to the transformation of human settlement on the planet Mars into a tangible reality. Similar to crafting a cherished dream home, we find ourselves in the process of constructing an entirely new world—a world ripe with boundless potential and opportunities.    

Be part of efforts by humanity to develop technologies needed to survive and colonize Mars.