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SOL One - A day on Mars

Mars Education Centre(MEC)

Mars Education Centre is an Out Reach center for students, engineers, general public developed in association with experts from US and Europe. It is named SOL-ONE, with an underlying meaning, A day on Mars

Mars Education Centre is planned to be built on the outskirts of Bangalore on a ten acre plot hosting all sorts of infotainment themes aimed towards information education about Mars exploration, Space technology, Space tourism and Space Sciences. Following is the list major areas of emphasis

  1. Space Exploration themes
  2. Science & technology demonstrators
  3. Activity themes on Mars exploration
  4. Training classes
  5. Space Camp
  6. Mars Camp
  7. Space  technology attractions
  8. Indoor and out door displays of rockets, engines, spacecrafts
  9. Working models of rocket engine, subscale  in size
  10. Gravity simulators, 1/3rd gravity- Mars gravity, 1/6th gravity -Moon gravity
  11. Rover technology demonstrators
  12. Seminar halls, Cinema theatre for projection of Space technology videos
  13. i-MARS habitat displays

Space Tourism

Space Tourism will bring changes to Space  industry the way passenger airlines brought revolution in aviation industry. Space tourism to low earth orbit and orbital hotel is expected to be reality in next decade. Moon Base and travel to Mars may become a familiar event by 2030 onwards. Space tourism will give huge boot to Space Industry interms of revenue, technology development  and  coomercial  Space program driven by buseness enterprises  rather than governments.

Martian User Technology Development

If humanity wants to colonize Mars, then we must  develop all sorts  of tools and technololgies needed to survive on Mars.  One earth, we take almost everything from granted when it comes to life support system, biological eco systems,  food, shelter, magneitic  field, UV prortection  etc. Howeer on Mars, everything we need for life and living must be developed , maintained and improved upon.

We are driven by passion

Before the entry of Elon Musk and SpaceX, all that all that a Space enthusiast  Sciences could do was watch TV and listen to government owned Space agency doing some research. Those days are gone. Its time individuals can take up the challenge and contribute to make human settlement on planet Mars, a reality.  Just like building a new dream home, here we are building a new world. Possiblities are infinite and we can try to undo many of the bad things which we see on earthy ever since we are born.

Let’s work together on an interesting project for use on Mars!

Be part of efforts by humanity to develop technologies needed to survive and colonize Mars.