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Mars HomeBase Organization

A Collaborative and COTS approach to develop Engineering and Technology needed to achieve the
goal of human settlement on Mars.

Welcome to Mars HomeBase Organization(MO)

Mars HomeBase Organization is dedicated to the development of sustainable and habitable human settlements on the planet Mars.  We are working on the development of technology based on  Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS)  methodology and Collaborative Engineering to achieve the goal of sustainable and habitable human settlement on planet Mars. Our mission is to create an open, distributed and collaborative engineering environment to design and create a wide range of technologies, systems, tools, and infrastructure required for life and survival on Mars.

At Mars HomeBase, our focus is not on the development of transportation systems such as rockets or spaceships for interplanetary missions. These endeavors are being spearheaded by SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, and other rocket companies, and will be available commercially to anyone on Earth. While we may contribute to conceptual designs and propulsion technologies for transportation, our primary objectives lie in the development of all the essential items, from the smallest to the largest, necessary for sustaining life on Mars once humans arrive.

What we are working on are – every little to big things, from refilling a pen to developing large self-sustaining habitats – our team at Mars HomeBase Organization is tirelessly working to ensure that every aspect of life on Mars is thoroughly considered and addressed.

Be part of our team and contribute to achieving the goal of human settlement on Planet Mars!

COTS and Collaborative development of technologies

Mars HomeBase Organization (MHBO) is revolutionizing Mars exploration, human settlement, and habitat development through our innovative COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) and Collaborative approach to engineering and technology development. Our unique methodology aims to achieve significant reductions in both development costs and time, while also increasing the likelihood of successful commercial and private missions for establishing manned settlements on Mars.

MARS analogue Research Stations

Mars Analogue Research Stations are used to test practical use and effectiveness of technologies developed by Mars HomeBase Organization. These stations form test beds to validate proposed  solutions. First Indian Mars analogue station named I-MARS Arya is coming up near Bidadi- Ramanagar area, around 40 KMs from Bangalore.  Find out more here.

Online Community for Information exchange, Networking, distributed development

Two uniquely designed online community , one for development of technologies by Professionals called Olympus Portal and one for Universities/Institutions called Mariner Portal is being developed to support COTS and Collaborative Research activities. These portals along with latest project management tools will aid technology development efforts by Mars HomeBase Organization.

Education and Awareness Programs

This is a dedicated program by Mars HomeBase organization intended for increasing awareness and education in general population on Space Technology and Mars Missions by various space agencies around the world. Also, this serves as a platform for developing interest in children on Space technology.

Education Outreach Centre (MEC)

A 10 acre plot with total emphasis on Mars and Space Technology for educating students on latest Engineering applications is coming up near Bangalore.  This centre is called SOL-ONE, meaning a day on planet Mars. Find out more.

Academic Research Programs

Mars HomeBase Organization provides a platform for academic research on applied engineering in Space Technology development. Know more here.

Commercial Transfer and realization of Technology (ToT)

Technology or Solutions developed for Planetary exploration on Mars may have immediate application right here on earth. Our CToT program is designed to exploit such benefits. We are networked with Industry partners who can take these solutions to market. Know more here.

Undergraduage- Graduate Student Research Project Program

Under this program Mars HomeBase provides an opportunity for under graduate science or Engineering students to take up Research projects under a designated guide. Know more here.

Career Development and Assistance

Mars HomeBase career assist program is designed to nurthure and enhance talent grwoth in Space Exploration Technologies. We are working with industry leaders to use our networked talent and complement in human resource development. Know more here

Mentor Program

Mars HomeBase has a network of pioneers and leaders in various industries and enterprises, who are willing to mentor younger generation on new ideas and startup ventures.

Training Programs

Under this program Mars HomeBase provides an opportunity for under graduate science or Engineering students to take up research projects under a designated guide. Know more.

Tech Start Up Program

Mars HomeBase offers to any interested developer or member to use Mars HomeBase platform to start a new venture in Space Technology. Mars HomeBase has invested significant resources and a part of those resources can be used by Start Up ventures for newer ideas.. Know more here.

Space Tourism

World has already witnessed commercial Space tourism. SpaceX, Virgin Group, Blue Origin are already running commercial space tourism missions on regular basis. This will bring drastic changes to Space  industry, similar to  passenger air travel brought revolution in aviation manufacturing industry. Space tourism to low earth orbit and orbital hotel is expected to be reality in next decade. Moon Base and travel to Mars may become a familiar event by 2030 – 2035 onwards. Space tourism will give huge boost to Space Industry in terms of revenue, scale, size  and  technology development. Commercial Space Program Industry is expected to grow exponentially and total available market is expected to out grow government funded space programs. 

Martian Technology Development

If humanity wants to colonize Mars, then we must  develop all sorts  of tools and technologies needed to survive on Mars.  On earth, we take almost everything for granted when it comes to life support system, biological eco systems,  food, shelter, magnetic  field, UV protection  etc. However on Mars, everything we need for life and living must be developed, maintained and improved upon. This provides unique opportunity for industries, entrepreneurs  all over the world to develop new and exciting technologies for making human being multi planetary species.

We are driven by passion

Yes! We are driven by Pasion! Before the entry of Elon Musk and SpaceX, all that a Space enthusiast could do was watch TV and listen to government owned Space agency doing some research. Those days are gone! It is time individuals take up the challenge and contribute to make human settlement on planet Mars, a reality.  Just like building a new dream home, here – we are building a new world. Possibilities are immense and we can try to undo many of the bad things we see on earth today ever since we are born.

SpaceX and Blue Origin are leading the race to develop Mars capable rockets for human settlement on Mars.  As commercial business case becomes more pronounced, we will witness all sorts innovation in  technology, marketing, and above all, human exploration of  Mars and Moon. We are going to witness man landing on moon, this time live with HD resolution by the end of this decade – Space tourism and Space travel will not be driven by political parties to score patriotic points. Space exploration will be driven by business entities based on sound commercial considerations, implying regular missions with incremental innovation and massive reduction in cost.

Let’s work together on an interesting project for use on Mars!

Be part of efforts by humanity to develop technologies needed to survive and colonize Mars.