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Mars HomeBase Organization

Development Projects and Ongoing activities

Research Area

Mars HomeBase conducts research in areas related to human settlement on Mars. Research projects are conducted by self or association with other institutions/ companies. Also these projects are either advised (guided) or managed by Mars HomeBase Organization. These projects may one time effort or repetitive in nature. For example following research projects are repetitive in nature.

Mars Rover development

Mars Exploration vehicle

Following is an example for one time effort.

Mars Exploration tools development. -A light weight easy to hold hammer which can fit in the hands of gloves of space suit.

Stay tuned to this page on exciting information on projects conducted by Mars HomeBase Organization.

Area of emphasis.

A simple logic in selecting area of emphasis or research subject is by asking question what do we need on Mars to survive! A team guided by Mars HomeBase will take up research in this area and try to come out with a solution in the form of a device/equipment or guidelines /procedures/plan of action.

Here is the list of projects emphasis area under consideration.  


Agriculture, Aviation, Air Purifier,


Batteries, Battery Management System Bio waste management, Biosphere development.

Body Suit development.


Communication: Communication between two habitats, Communication between Habitat and Mars Exploration Vehicle, Communication between various systems in Mars Home Base System . Other Communication requirements CO2 Monitoring, CO2 reduction techniques CO2 movement to Plant growth area

Civil engineering on Mars. Construction engineering.

Clothes, Clothes washing and drying.

Cooking on Mars



Energy management

Entertainment on Mars.


Food storage, food preparation food preservation,

freezer on Mars using Mars low temperature conditions


Green house management


Helicopter design,

Heating, Heat pump, HVAC, heating ventilation and cooling





Lamps, LED lighting for Mars Habitats


Mars Utility Vehicle, Mars Exploration Vehicle.

Methane production from CO2,

Material Management,

Medicine on Mars.

Meditation on Mars.



Oxygen production from CO2, Oxygen level monitoring, Organic matter development,

Oven, heater,


Plants and Potato.

Plant growth studies in CO2 only environment, Plant growth in reduced atmospheric conditions,

Plant growth with excess UV radiation.

Power generation and distribution, is it AC or DC, is it 110V or 230V or 48Volts DC.

Power production, storage and distribution and management

Pipe manufacturing on Mars



Rearing in Mars. Repair procedures, Radiation measuring device, Radiation exposure control to Mars Habitat, Bio Sphere.

Recycling on Mars. Recycling procedures and tools.

Rover development. Utility rover, exploration rover,


Sensor development. All types of Sensors. Humidity Sensor. Radiation Sensor. C02 level sensor, Particle detection Sensors, Sensor maintenance, Replacement, Repair techniques.

Shower system Mars for humans to bath.


Time keeping in Mars.

Truck development to carry useful material.

Train, Mars train safe travel from on area to another area and for movement of goods.

Mars Transportation Vehicles.


Mars Utility vehicle


Vehicle development for movement of goods, people,


Washing Machine on Mars. Welding in Mars, Water Management, Water treatment,


No area of emphsis yet.


Yoga in Mars.


Suggest a new area for research. Let’s work together on an interesting project for use on Mars!

Be part of efforts by humanity to develop technologies needed to survive and colonize Mars.